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Hackathon Pro Tips

Good afternoon, hackers!

As our Arity team makes its way from Chicago to San Francisco, we thought we’d check in and let you know how excited we are for the weekend ahead.

We’ve talked a lot as a team about how to prepare and what to expect. Here are some tips we wanted to share:

- Get a great night’s sleep tonight to get ready for the weekend. Many of us on the Arity team haven’t pulled an all-nighter since college, so this seems like a pretty crucial one.
- Get to know other people attending the hack – company reps, other judges, hackers all around you – there’s going to be an awesome network of people attending, and whether they become your genius teammates, contest judges, or future BFFs, you never know where a cool conversation could lead!
- Remember to take breaks – You’ve likely seen the research (or played ping pong in your offices because of it), but taking short breaks helps stimulate your concentration, alertness, and strategic thinking, and will leave you refreshed to return to your project. The Arity team will have giant Jenga with us, so make sure to come by and show us your skills.
- Prepare and polish – Everyone is eager to crank out code in the limited time we have, but take time to “sharpen your axe” and prepare a killer presentation. Your project is important, but so are a sound strategy and compelling demo.

Do any savvy vets out there have other tips to share? Tell us what we’re missing!

See you tomorrow!


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    Oh thank you for the tips!

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