Disrupt SF 2017 Partners & Sponsor APIs


Quickly add maps or geospatial analysis to your apps using Esri's online services and SDKs. Develop in the API/SDK of your choice and deploy on any device. Esri ArcGIS Developer Subscriptions provide you access to ready-to-use content, points of interest, demographics, directions and routing, spatial analysis, offline support, visualization, geocoding, imagery, and more. Stop by Esri’s table during the event to learn more. We will have full stack developers’ onsite to support your hacks into the wee hours of the night!


Contact: startups@esri.com / Max Payson, Startup Program Solution Engineer, mpayson@esri.com, 207-239-4829


Hyphenate is a cloud-based provider of in-app chat. We provide the SDKs and API based cloud infrastructure to integrate chat into your mobile app. Hyphenate’s platform is scalable, delivering high concurrency and reliability, provides multi-platform support such as iOS, Android & Web, and entails a completely customizable UI. Our product offers a variety of chat scenarios, such as one-to-one chat, group chat, and chat rooms. It also supports a full suite of chat features to choose from, such as text, image and file sharing, voice & video, chatbot integrat, emojis, typing indicators, location sharing, delivery status, and self-destructing messages.


Contact: Jerry Wu, jerry@hyphenate.io, 415-935-4556

Sara Spaventa; sara@hyphenate.io, 415-935-0576

Hyphenate Support Slack Channel: https://goo.gl/xeBFjr

Verizon & MapQuest, a Verizon Company

Verizon manages millions of IoT-enabled connections for a wide-range of industries; thus, they’re simplifying the IoT model, making it easier and more efficient to develop IoT apps. Verizon ThingSpace is the single platform for onboarding, device connectivity, device management, data management, analytics and applications environment. MapQuest offers APIs for all of your geospatial needs, such as maps, geocoding, routing, spatial search, type ahead, traffic, mobile sdks and more.

https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/ https://developer.mapquest.com/plan_purchase/steps/business_edition/business_edition_free/register https://thingspace.verizon.com/

Contact: uzair.siddiqui@verizon.com


Ever wonder where and how people move around they way they do? The Mobility Trends API is a data set of origin destination travel patterns between and within zip codes. The Arity Driving Engine SDK can be used to turn any mobile device (iOS or Android) into a sensor to collect driving analytics data. Using the Arity Driving Engine SDK, you can concentrate on building insights from the data rather than worrying about how to collect the data accurately. Safe Alerts API and Risk Index API – an aggregation of many data sources combined with our predictive modeling, offering a broad range of predictive sets for developers to use so they can warn drivers of the risks that lie ahead and the context they need to take action to mitigate those risks.


Contact: Brian Busche, bbusc@arity.com;


We have 4 main APIs: Our Voice API allows you to control phone calls with a simple set of JSON instructions. Simple building blocks such as text to speech, conferencing, call recording and connecting the call onto another destination such as a phone or even a websocket offers immense possibilities. With our SMS API you can send and receive text messages with inbound numbers in 80 countries. The Number Insight API offers you information about phone numbers such as their carrier, CNAM information and if they are roaming. Finally Nexmo’s Verify API allows you to verify a user's phone number in a few lines of code.


Contact: devrel@nexmo.com

Amazon Alexa

With the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), designers, developers, and brands can build engaging skills and reach millions of customers. ASK is a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples that makes it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa. With ASK, you can leverage Amazon’s knowledge and pioneering work in the field of voice design.


Contact: @TheOnlyAkersh, @alexadevs

Amazon Web Services

A Quick Overview of Demo-Friendly AWS APIs.

AWS offers over 90 services and products. Many of those may not be relevant to a 24 hour hackathon, like those for large scale deployments or enterprise IT. To cut through the noise here’s a quick overview of hacker-friendly AWS services, which can remove some of the grunt work and let you focus on your audience.

Slides and brief overview of the following services:

  • Lex: covered by our Lex team!
  • Rekognition: an API for image recognition. Projects advantage of you phone camera, biometric auth, and other image-based based apps can get a jump start with the Rekognition API.
  • Polly: Powers speech-enabled products and text-to-speech apps. The perfect compliment to Lex.

Notification products:

  • Pinpoint: native mobile push notifications
  • SNS: managed pub/sub service
  • SNS: Transactional email service

Elastic Transcoder: transcode video in real time

Gaming APIs:

  • Lumberyard: Cross-platform gaming engine, with live streaming/twitch support
  • Gamelift: managed service for deploying and hosting games.

Managed services and deployment: Some demo apps may still require cloud hosting. You may want to use a pushbutton service like Heroku, but AWS offers simple services like Elastic Beanstalk for application deployment, and RDS for managed database, to let you quickly stand up a cloud environment. A quick slide or two to outline those services.


With Agora APIs, developers can easily add high quality, low latency, 1 on 1 & multi-party video chat, voice and live interactive broadcasting experiences into mobile and web applications. Agora also comes with interactive masks and filters which are great for enticing user engagement.

  • Industry leading 1-2s delay from broadcaster to audience members & real-time engagement (i.e. chat, virtual gifting)
  • Supports up to 10,000 audience members per live stream, no limitation on number of streams
  • Promote up to 7 audience members to guest broadcasters


Contact: james.fang@agora.io

Hashgraph by Swirlds

The SDK comes with several simple demo apps, the source code for the demo apps, and documentation for the platform and for how to write apps on it. The source code for the demo apps is also available from the github repository. The SDK is free for anyone to download and play with. Have fun building!



Contact: Telegram chat: https://goo.gl/HPxgoG | twitter.com/hashgraph, leemon@swirlds.com,

Intuit Developer

Small businesses are passion-based and their owners want to focus on things like creating flower arrangements, baking awesome cupcakes or brewing craft beers. Help them keep doing what they love by creating an app that does what they don’t want to – bill customers, market their business, and all the other minor things that are needed to make a small business successful.

To win our $5000 prize (to be divided equally amongst team members), use the QuickBooks Online API to build the best app to disrupt how small businesses run their shops today.


Contact: @IntuitDev


The Accenture Hackathon Social Impact Challenge tasks you with building an app that helps improve the lives of those affected after a catastrophic disaster. In an emergency, such as Hurricane Harvey, your neighbors may be the first to help. How can we: 1. Let the victims of a natural disaster notify everyone of where they are and what their status is? 2. Help rescuers coordinate efforts across all agencies to find and rescue victims? 3. How can we keep everyone apprised of real time changes in the weather and road conditions? 4. Help evacuees get the shelter, food and water they need? 5. Communicate on a massive individual scale to coordinate this effort? $5,000 will be given to the top team that utilizes existing APIs in conjunction with any other technology of their choice to create a first in class solution.


Contact: dujon.smith@accenture.com