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Hello from Arity!

Hi TechCrunch Hackers,

We're Arity, a Chicago company focused on making transportation safer, smarter and more efficient for everyone. This weekend will be our first TechCrunch Disrupt, and we're excited to share our technology with you.

Our challenge is broad – it's about fixing a broken transportation system. Improving mobility is important to us, and we're hoping that our APIs and Driving Engine SDK give you some inspiration to build an app that solves a problem in this space. There are a lot of opportunities to explore, like smart cities, safe driving, car and ride share, insuretech, or the environment.

We’re bringing a select group of our technologies to Disrupt SF: Driving Engine SDK, Mobility Trends API, Risk Index API and Safe Alerts API. We encourage you to check out our technology and documentation at developer.arity.com/disrupt-sf-2017 (we’re also on GitHub at github.com/arity-developer).

If you have any questions about our technology or wish to learn more about Arity and our contest details, let us know. We’re here to answer any questions you have heading into the event.

See you this weekend!


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